Advantages of Becoming a Sponsor in the Hospitality Sector

Becoming A Sponsor In The Hospitality Sector

Advantages of becoming a sponsor in the hospitality sector

It is a challenging time for the hospitality industry in the UK. With Brexit and COVID, there’s a shortage of staff, but companies in the hospitality sector must be able to satisfy their client’s demands. It is really hard to recruit and retain the employees working for you in the sector.

How can the shortage of staff be resolved? Hiring professionals from abroad can be an appropriate step. This typically brings the following benefits to the business:

All these benefits are attainable once you obtain a sponsor licence. You will be able to hire new specialists under the Skilled Worker route and relocate them to the UK as quickly as required. As we are now returning to normal life after restrictions and people are eating out and travelling, the need for a qualified workforce in hospitality is constantly increasing.

Benefits of holding a Sponsor Licence

Since the rules have been simplified by the government, it is much easier to bring a worker from abroad if they have sufficient experience or at least basic knowledge or qualifications in the field. It means that if you are a licensed sponsor, you can engage the employees in the business once you find them and they are granted a visa. Further, there’s no need to conduct a resident labour market test.

Here are some examples of roles you can hire on a Skilled Worker Visa:

Any business that meets the minimum requirements can apply for a sponsor licence.

You can offer genuine employment if:

If there are multiple branches of your business in the UK, you may either apply for one licence to cover all the linked UK entities or separate licences for each branch, depending on the circumstances.

To get a sponsor licence, you will need to apply online and provide the necessary documents in support of your application. The full list of documents depends on your circumstances. You will also need to demonstrate the ability to act in compliance with the Home Office requirements and monitor migrant workers by providing evidence of the company’s HR system.

Holding a sponsor licence will definitely help your business grow if you are working in the hospitality sector.

Expenses related to the Sponsor licence application

The fee for a sponsor licence depends on the size and the type of organisation. This application fee is payable once you apply for the first time and every time you renew the licence (every four years). Fees are typically reviewed by the Home Office on an annual basis and published on their website.

Currently, the fee for small or charitable sponsors is £536 and the fee for medium or large sponsors is £1,476.

You’re usually a small sponsor if at least two of the following apply:

You can get a better idea of a sponsor licence application by checking this blog post.

There are other fees involved related to the Skilled Worker visa application. You can reach out via the chat function to learn more about them.

How long does it take to get a Sponsor Licence

The average consideration time is 8 weeks, however, this can vary depending on the Home Office caseloads and the documents you provided.

Nation.Better can become your trusted partner on this immigration journey. We can help you:

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