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Automated Compliance

Automated sponsorship compliance.

No more confusion!

Routine and manual compliance activities are a torture! It is time to change it.

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We know that maintaining your sponsor licence compliance is time consuming and frankly speaking, a bit stressful. Nation.better is the only, all-in-one, immigration compliance platform that helps employers monitor and track immigration activities in line with the Home Office regulations.

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Everything you need to stay compliant

Spend less time and effort

Automated workflows and notifications replace all routine admin work, remove complexity and reduce the risks of being non-compliant

Secure document storage

Store and manage all required documentation and records in a secure, digital location. Track expiration dates effortlessly

Proactive SMS reporting

Regular checklists ensure that all data are up-to-date, and necessary changes are reported to the Home Office via Sponsor Management System (SMS)

Guidance and support

Receive latest relevant updates on the Home Offices rules, use comprehensive guides and get support along the way

Employees’ accounts

Your sponsored employees know personal immigration duties and monitor their own compliance status to avoid any issues on their immigration journey

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Get 12 months free subscription when you sign up by 31 July 2021

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