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We know that sponsoring international talent is time-consuming and, frankly speaking, quite stressful.

But with Nation.better digital platform and on-call immigration experts’ support you get a smooth, confusion-free and streamlined experience.

Our Services

Sponsor Licence

Achieve your sponsor licence with
step-by-step guidance and support.
(not including Home Office fees).

Skilled Worker Visa

Effortlessly extend or apply for your
employees Skilled Worker (Tier 2) Visa.  
(not including Home Office fees).

Sponsorship Compliance

Stay Home Office compliant with
the latest technology.

Why choose Nation.better?

Affordable service​

Optimised processes mean less workload, wasted time, and spending - freeing up your capital.

Support and guidance

Providing better support for you and your employees means a welcoming, stress-free, and transparent immigration.


Developed by qualified immigration experts, our vetted technology is in full compliance with regulations and guidelines.

Faster and easier

Complete steps faster than ever as we guide you through the entire process. Say goodbye to endless and confusing guides.


Track and navigate all immigration workflows with our transparent, integrated, and user-friendly system.


We are using the best-in-class data security technologies to protect clients' sensitive data.

The immigration process in the UK
in four simple steps

  • 1. Become a licensed sponsor

    - You've decided you want to hire talent from across the globe. It's time to get a sponsor licence!
    - Complete the Sponsor licence application process with Nation.better, start to finish.
    - Be prepared to wait 8-12 weeks for the Home Office to process your application. You can pay an extra £500 to get a decision in five days.

  • 2. Assign your Certificate of Sponsorship to your candidate

    - Get an allocation of a particular type of Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) before you can assign it to a Candidate that you want to sponsor.
    - Justify why your candidate is the best match for your position.
    - Assign and create CoS for your Candidate before they apply for a visa.

  • 3. Apply for a Skilled Worker (Tier 2) visa

    - Now that your candidate has their CoS, they are ready to apply for a visa.
    - They'll have to prove their qualifications, knowledge of the English language, and several other requirements.
    - Depending on whether your candidate applies from inside or outside the UK, visa processing time varies from three to eight weeks.

  • 4. Maintain records and stay compliant

    - As a sponsor, it's your responsibility to keep records of company procedures and stay compliant with immigration regulations.
    - Stay up to date with your sponsor licence and visa expiration dates, ensuring your foreign employees still have the right to work in the UK.

Here's what our partners say about us

Great team, great service and really simple process at a fraction of the standard expensive fees. Nation.better actually educates founders on what it means to be a sponsor. Definitely recommend these guys.
Stephan Eyeson
Co-founder, Survey54
Clear and easy process to go through. Nation.better team made sure that we have a super smooth experience and it gets the job done! 100% recommended.
Mo Khodadadi
Founder, Satis.AI
Easy. Having been through this before with other immigration service providers that over complicate the process and charge high fees, Nation.better through innovative ways made the usual painful and stressful experience full of confidence and care. Highly recommended.
Dasha Selyanova
Managing Director, ZDDZ
As a small company, hiring talent from outside the UK can feel very daunting. Nation.better has designed an efficient system to support employers through complex regulations and paperwork. As an employer, I have transparency over the full process. The team has been highly supportive and responsive as well! It’s been a joy working with them.
Bonnie Chiu
Managing Director, TSIC

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