Savouring Diversity: How Permanently Unique Group Hires International Hospitality Talent

Savouring Diversity: How Permanently Unique Group Hires International Hospitality Talent

Permanently Unique Group (PUG) is an innovative collective of top-tier hospitality ventures, including renowned restaurants and bars. Founded by Adam and Drew Jones, the group is best known for Tattu, a restaurant brand that fuses traditional Chinese flavours with modern cooking methods, set in stunning interior designs. With landmark locations in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and  an international launch planned for 2024, they’ve set the bar high in hospitality industry. In July 2022, Permanently Unique Group also began recruiting international hospitality talent, further enhancing their diverse and dynamic team.

Company: Permanently Unique Group

Industry: Hospitality

Total employees: 450 across 5 UK locations 

Total sponsored employees: 24

Immigration route: Skilled Worker visa

Recently, Permanently Unique Group has placed in The Sunday Times Top 100 Places to Work in the UK – an amazing achievement and a real testament to the team’s hard work.

Nation.better talked to Laura Morgan, the Head of People at Permanently Unique Group, and asked her a few questions about the process of hiring globally and how the company has benefited from international talent.

Why did Permanently Unique Group turn to international recruitment?

As a restaurant group, Permanently Unique Group already had a multicultural workforce. Like many other establishments, we were massively impacted by Brexit and the pandemic which made recruiting highly skilled chefs and hospitality staff very challenging and competitive. In a bid to explore other recruitment avenues, we decided to broaden PUG’s recruitment horizons to an international level by obtaining a Sponsor Licence.
Source: Hiring international hospitality talents proves to be a cost-effective and efficient approach

How did Nation.better assist you in this process?

Permanently Unique Group contacted Nation.better in July 2022. Since then, they’ve supported us with insightful guidance on the Sponsor Management System (SMS) and assisted with the visa application process for our international candidates.  We’ve also been using their recruitment service to find highly skilled chefs. Since partnering with Nation.better, Permanently Unique Group has sponsored 24 chefs via Skilled Worker visa and continues to receive full support with the the visa process.

Source: More hospitality businesses providing their employees with certificates of sponsorship
Nation.better continues to be our point of contact for immigration solutions – the group is currently engaged in securing Skilled Worker visas for other international candidates. Global hiring has allowed our restaurant group to be more flexible in their pursuit of the right talent.
Source: Skilled Worker visa for hiring international candidates has proven to be an efficient recruitment method
Nation.better’s immigration support has significantly benefited Permanently Unique Group: the digital platform has streamlined visa applications, reduced legal costs and cut down on the time spent manually completing applications. This allowed us to focus on our main goal – maintaining culinary excellence.

How is PUG supporting international talent?

We have sponsored and hired most of our international chefs from Dubai, Italy, India and Pakistan to work in 5 of their main locations in the UK (London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds). This localised approach ensured that our Group’s diverse culinary offerings were authentically represented across different regions. We are dedicated to nurturing long-term relationships with talented chefs – that’s why we’re committed to 2-year visa applications. 

Source: More hospitality businesses obtain Sponsor licence
Permanently Unique Group is very active in supporting sponsored talent in relocating to the UK. Specifically, the Group sends a member of the team to meet each sponsored chef at the airport upon their arrival, provides them with a generous welcome hamper, and helps them find accommodation.
Source: More chefs are recruited via Skilled Worker route

How was your experience with Nation.better?

We are very happy with the immigration support we have received from Nation.better. The team has been incredibly transparent and any queries have been handled with invaluable efficiency. We are especially satisfied with Nation.better’s support team – their immigration expertise and guidance have allowed us to proceed with visa applications with ease and confidence.
Source: Using Skilled Worker route to hire chefs became necessary for hospitality industry to overcome skills shortage

How can Nation.better assist you?

In an increasingly competitive labour market, Permanently Unique Group has opened its doors to international recruitment, allowing them to flexibly find the very best hospitality staff. The Skilled Worker visa allows professionals from across the globe to explore job opportunities in the UK regardless of industry. 

Whether you a skilled professional dreaming of working and living in the UK or an employer seeking talented individuals to join your team, we have a solution for you.

Nation.better’s Recruitment Platform is designed to bridge the gap between high-skilled professionals in hospitality and healthcare and top UK employers ready to sponsor them for the Skilled Worker visa. 

If you’re a candidate, create your profile on the Recruitment Platform with a few clicks and start your journey to the UK.

If you’re an employer, unlock international recruitment for your business, starting with free consultation with our team.

Let’s work together to create better opportunities and build a stronger future!

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