How to hire the best talent for your organisation 

How to hire the best talent for your organisation

The UK is going through an unprecedented labour shortage, with over 1.3 million unfulfilled vacancies and not enough people looking for jobs. Experts are dubbing it an employment crisis. 

What started with Brexit has been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, businesses across industries are facing skill shortages in all departments. The Great Resignation is not helping either.  

STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—and the hospitality industries have been the worst affected by the ongoing situation. 

If you’re operating a business in this climate, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the skill shortages in the country. After all, it can be difficult to find and attract skilled workers who can take your organisation forward. 

That said, you can leverage the international labour market to fulfil your hiring needs, and recruitment and immigration agencies can support your efforts. They can help you overcome all the challenges you may face when hiring global talent. 

What are the challenges you’re likely to face when hiring skilled workers?

To understand how recruitment and immigration partners can support you in hiring the best talent from across the globe, it’s important to understand the challenges you may face. 

Accessing the talent pool of the international labour market is the biggest challenge you’ll encounter.  

While the market might have an abundance of skilled workers, this itself can hinder you when you’re looking to filter through the talent pool to find the right fit for your organisation.  

From advertising your vacancies and attracting talent to interviewing all the interested applicants, the process can become time-consuming and resource-intensive, leading you to either experience delays in the hiring process or hire individuals that don’t meet all your requirements. 

Another challenge many employers in the UK face is bringing their preferred candidates into the UK. This is because, according to Home Office guidelines, you need to be a registered sponsor to employ non-British workers in the UK, which can be cumbersome if you don’t have professional support. 

You may also face difficulties in helping your selected candidates meet their visa requirements to secure entry into the UK. 

How can recruitment partners support you?

Recruitment agencies usually have a large database of world-class talent, specialising in various industries. This means that regardless of your industry, you’ll have a sizable selection of candidates to choose from.  

In addition to this, recruitment and immigration partners can help reduce the hassle of advertising for vacancies.  

While you can certainly do so if you wish to, recruitment partners can help you access their employee database to hire the talent you need to fulfil your staffing needs—you can rest assured that your recruitment partner will put the right resumes in front of your HR team. 

They can also help you conduct eligibility assessments to ensure that your candidates are eligible to apply for a work visa in the UK. This eligibility assessment ensures they satisfy all requirements such as the police report and TB test and can reduce your risk of inadvertently violating immigration laws.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred candidates, your recruitment and immigration partners can also help you apply for and obtain your sponsorship licence—having the candidate in mind will make the application process much more straightforward.  

From providing details about all the documentation and the fees you need to pay for your sponsorship licence to reviewing your sponsorship application, these recruitment and immigration partners can ensure the whole process is seamless.

The right immigration partner can even provide a personalised visa support service to your candidates to help them navigate through the visa application process.

Work with Nation.better to fulfil your staffing needs

While you can advertise your vacancies to attract the world’s best talent for your organisation, the experience will be more straightforward and stress-free when you work with a recruitment and immigration partner like Nation.better. 

At Nation.better, we offer you a database of applicants to help you hire the right people for your organisation—especially if you’re in the most in-demand industries like hospitality, IT, and healthcare.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about our recruitment services as well as our sponsor licence, visa support, and sponsorship compliance services. 

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