How we supported Lunio with their sponsor licence application

How we supported Lunio with their sponsor licence application

Lunio, formerly PPC Protect, is a B2B SaaS company specialising in helping advertisers prevent click fraud in various customer acquisition channels like Google Ads, AdWords, and more.  

While they started with a mission to stop click fraud on AdWords, they now offer ad fraud protection services on 16 different ad networks with plans for further expansion. 

Their mission is to show advertisers what they’re paying for since the advertising ecosystem is dominated mainly by opaque, black-box-driven platforms that no one can hold accountable.    

They work with some of the most recognisable names in Europe and the world, including McDonald’s, BlendJet, HUGO BOSS, Europcar, Norwegian, and more. 

Lunio was named a market leader in the G2 Spring 2022 Click Fraud Report and has also been dedicated to reducing carbon emissions by participating in reforestation efforts—they remove 300 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

How did Lunio get to know about Nation.better?

Over the years, we have established great relationships with all our partners by providing them with transparent, honest, and reliable end-to-end immigration. 

Today, this partner network is one of our proudest achievements as our partners spread the word about Nation.better.  

Nation.better was recommended to Lunio by our satisfied partners. Lunio’s representatives’ main reason to get in touch with us was to streamline the relocation process for potential employees. 

What were the challenges faced by Lunio?

A major hurdle Lunio faced was facilitating the arrival of talented IT professionals from around the world into the UK. 

The UK labour market was also not conducive to meeting the demand of Lunio because of the labour shortages in the country. Similarly, 71% of all technology companies in the UK face some moderate skills shortage in 2022, proving to be a handicap for UK companies looking to compete globally. 

Being a global company, Lunio had already identified sponsorship as a method to overcome the skill shortages in the UK, but finding and relocating potential candidates to fill key positions in the UK was proving to be difficult due to the complexities in the sponsorship process. 

When we sat down with representatives from Lunio, it was evident that they needed an end-to-end sponsorship solution to support them in every step of the sponsorship process. 

From the moment we proposed how we could help them—not only with getting their preferred talent to the UK but also with meeting their sponsorship requirements and staying compliant with Home Office regulations—they were ready to forge a long-term partnership with Nation.better.

How did Nation.better support Lunio?

Our first mission was to help Lunio become a licensed sponsor. 

We worked with the Lunio team to make the sponsor licence application process faster and more streamlined by providing them with information regarding the requirements they need to meet and the documentation they need to submit to support their sponsor licence application.  

Our experts also reviewed all the documentation and the application to make sure the application case was strong, which helped us get a positive response from the Home Office. 

In addition, we streamlined the visa application process for their employees. From conducting candidate eligibility assessments to assigning the CoS, our experts guided the Lunio team to make the hiring process more intelligible for both parties.  

Today, Lunio also leverages our in-house compliance platform to meet their ongoing compliance responsibilities and manage their sponsorship activities.

Was Lunio satisfied with Nation.better's solution?

This is what Segev Hochberg, COO and Founder of Lunio, had to say about our services: 

“Nation.better was able to streamline the process for us, allowing us to hire people globally without having to worry about the visa.”

Take your business to the next level with Nation.better

Here at Nation.better, our end-to-end immigration support is not limited to the technology industry. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across different industries, including hospitality and healthcare. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to explore your recruitment options in the international labour market. 

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