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Galvin Restaurants’ Recipe For Success: Sponsoring Hospitality Workers With Nation.better

Galvin Restaurants’ Recipe For Success: Sponsoring Hospitality Workers With Nation.better Galvin Restaurants is a family-run collection of restaurants founded in 2005 by Michelin star brothers – Chris & Jeff Galvin. Their first restaurant was opened in the same year on … Read More

What is a points-based immigration system and how does it impact your sponsorship activities?

The UK Government introduced the points-based immigration system on 1st January 2021 after the free movement of EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals ended due to Brexit. … Read More

What do the new reporting requirements by the Home Office mean?

Any future sponsored workers will not have to register with the police or report any changes and risk facing prosecution for not doing so. … Read More

Regulatory bodies – What we need to know

Regulations are established to protect and benefit people, businesses, and the environment and to support economic growth. … Read More

What care jobs are eligible for sponsorship?

In August 2021, the UK’s development agency for care workers reported that the health and care industry was facing a worker shortage of 105,000. With the rise in the ageing population in the country, health and care jobs continue to be in high demand. … Read More

How to prepare for a Home Office Audit

The Home Office representative may visit the company:

To conduct a pre-licence audit to check if the sponsor licence can be granted and if the company is able to comply with immigration regulations
At any time during the sponsor licence validity period to assess if the organisation is complying with the sponsorship duties.

Depending on the result of the visit, the Home Office may grant or refuse a sponsor licence application or suspend or revoke an already existing licence. … Read More

Free consultation with our experts

The UK government announced that any Ukrainian citizens living in the UK are eligible for… visa extensions. Consult our immigration experts for more information. … Read More


Request a free consultation with our immigration experts… … Read More

Update For Ukrainian Visa Holders In The UK

With the current events surrounding Ukraine, the UK government has announced certain concessions for Ukrainian… visitor/seasonal visa holders in the UK. … Read More

UK Visa Updates For Ukrainian Visa Holders

The UK government has announced a number of concessions for Ukrainian visitor/seasonal visa holders in… the UK in light of the ongoing situation in Ukraine. … Read More