Skilled Worker Sponsorship

Solving the skills shortage: What can we do to help?

The UK skills shortage is creating a severe threat to multiple businesses in diverse industries. In 2022, it’s expected that 90% of UK organisations will hire employees—a significant increase from 66% in 2021. … Read More

Why do you need to update your Sponsorship Management System regularly?

If you’re a sponsor or are looking to become one in the UK, you’ve probably heard about the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) offered by the Home Office. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the SMS is an online tool that allows you to manage your sponsorship activities and keep the Home Office updated about your sponsorship programme. … Read More

Certificate of sponsorship: defined or undefined

A certificate of sponsorship (CoS) is assigned to each foreign worker the sponsoring organisation intends to employ in the UK. This is not a physical document, but an electronic record in the sponsor management system. No one can apply for … Read More

How to prepare for a Home Office Audit

The Home Office representative may visit the company:

To conduct a pre-licence audit to check if the sponsor licence can be granted and if the company is able to comply with immigration regulations
At any time during the sponsor licence validity period to assess if the organisation is complying with the sponsorship duties.

Depending on the result of the visit, the Home Office may grant or refuse a sponsor licence application or suspend or revoke an already existing licence. … Read More

Jobs eligible for sponsorship in the construction sector

The construction industry is currently experiencing a significant shortage in skills, especially in bricklayers and carpenters, roofers, and plumbers. The reasons for this vary and can be due to the: Post-Brexit era: Many EU workers returned to their home countries … Read More

Timelines related to the Skilled Worker sponsoring process

Timelines related to the Skilled Worker sponsoring process While many sponsors may be aware of the fees for sponsoring skilled workers, there are an equal number of sponsors who are unsure about the timelines associated with each step of the … Read More

How hospitality companies can cover their needs by hiring talent from abroad

Hospitality businesses in the UK are facing a shortage of skilled and unskilled workers…. Sponsoring talent can help fill this shortage. Learn more here. … Read More

How to support your sponsored skilled workers in the UK

If you’re looking to obtain a sponsor licence, you should know that having a candidate… … Read More

Why having the candidate in mind will ease a Sponsor Licence application process?

If you’re looking to obtain a sponsor licence, you should know that having a candidate… … Read More