Skilled Worker Visa

A Guide To The UK Shortage Occupation List 2023

The Shortage Occupation List (SOL) refers to a list of skilled worker jobs currently in short supply within the UK labour market. Meaning employers are struggling to find suitable professionals to fulfil existing roles. To fulfil these roles businesses in … Read More

Which Jobs Are Eligible for Sponsorship in the UK?

In a globalised world, the United Kingdom has become an increasingly attractive destination for international talent seeking job opportunities. It is important for those aspiring to work in the UK, to understand if their occupation is considered eligible for sponsorship … Read More

Documents required for a sponsor licence and Skilled Worker visa and where to obtain the documents from

Obtaining a sponsor licence to proceed with hiring global talent is a process. Not only is a sponsor licence required, but potential candidates that fit the job description will have to possess a Skilled Worker visa to lawfully be employed in the UK. … Read More

How covering maintenance for employees can increase the speed of visa application

Contemporary UK businesses face many challenges in filling vacancies with the right talent and are hiring international talent from outside the UK to fill these critical roles. … Read More

How a Skilled Worker visa holder can get indefinite leave to remain in the UK

Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or settlement is the immigration status in the UK granted to individuals who are eligible to stay in the UK permanently. … Read More

Global Talent visa or Skilled Worker visa: What is the best way to hire international talent for an employer? 

In recent years, the Home Office has unveiled several new visa routes to attract some of the top talent from around the world, and the Global Talent visa is an attractive new option available for potential employees and employers. Replacing … Read More

Skilled Worker Visa: English Language Requirement

A sufficient level of the English language is one of the most important requirements to qualify for a UK Skilled Worker visa. … Read More

Overview of Work Visa Routes to the UK

If you’re planning to hire international talent for your UK company, a certain type of work visa is required. … Read More

How to prepare for a Home Office Audit

The Home Office representative may visit the company:

To conduct a pre-licence audit to check if the sponsor licence can be granted and if the company is able to comply with immigration regulations
At any time during the sponsor licence validity period to assess if the organisation is complying with the sponsorship duties.

Depending on the result of the visit, the Home Office may grant or refuse a sponsor licence application or suspend or revoke an already existing licence. … Read More

Checking candidate’s eligibility for a Skilled Worker visa

Checking candidate’s eligibility for a Skilled Worker visa The most important requirement for a Skilled Worker visa applicant is to have a job offer from an employer with a valid sponsor licence. Meeting the sponsorship requirements is normally the responsibility … Read More