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Today, the UK is experiencing severe skills shortages, with many organisations struggling to fill core job roles with homegrown talent.

Fortunately, in a world recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the international labour market has come back, once more, as a great option to recruit the best talent to fill key positions in the country.

While this market can help you address skill shortages, however, the recruitment process for hiring foreign talent can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive.

Especially with the new round of Home Office rules—which aim to support homegrown talent while keeping the country open to talent from across the world—it has become even harder to recruit non-British employees on a workable timeline.

The rules have increased compliance requirements for employers, requiring greater effort and resources to ensure compliance with the Home Office.

Sponsorship compliance challenges in the UK

Traditionally, the employee sponsorship process has been a long and arduous process for employers. From obtaining a sponsor licence to performing due diligence to sponsor duties for the duration of the employment contract—this journey has always been complex.

The one silver lining with previous immigration regulations was that employers could hire employees from the EU, EEA, and the Swiss region without going through the entire sponsorship process.

The new Home Office regulations, however, have made this complicated; the Tier 2 visa scheme has now been replaced by the Skilled Worker visa programme, and employers now need to go through a point-based sponsorship process to recruit foreign talent.

Additionally, regardless of the nationality of your candidates, you need to conduct eligibility checks to ensure they’re eligible to work in the UK.

Upon their arrival in the UK, you also need to perform certain right-to-work checks to ensure compliance.

If you fail to comply with these regulations, you could be subject to:

What can automated sponsorship compliance solutions do?

Traditionally, sponsorship compliance has been a manual-intensive process; from record-keeping and monitoring to documentation and reporting, every process required significant effort to ensure compliance with Home Office requirements.

With digital sponsorship compliance solutions, you can:

At Nation.better, this is what we help you do.

How can Nation.better help you simplify the sponsorship process?

At Nation.better, we are well aware of the complexities you may experience during the employee sponsorship process.

That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with end-to-end support to make this journey as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Today, we provide you with an automated sponsorship compliance platform that ensures you're in line with Home Office rules at all times. It also helps your candidates stay in line with immigration regulations, reducing the risks to your business.

Beyond just that, we provide you with expert-led support that covers:

Frequently asked questions

Yes. We help you understand how our platform works and how it can enhance your compliance capabilities. 

We also offer a free 3-month trial of our platform.

Generally, sponsor licence services courtesy of immigration experts can cost thousands of pounds. With Nation.better, you enjoy end-to-end support for just £650+VAT/per employee.

Our eligibility assessments, which is a form of offline support, are provided free of charge.

Today, our team has partnered with some of the best recruitment agencies in the UK. For instance, we’ve partnered with COREcruitement, which specialise in helping businesses in the hospitality industry recruit the best talent from across the globe. 

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