How UK startups grow and benefit through sponsoring skilled workers

How UK startups grow and benefit through sponsoring skilled workers

One of the biggest challenges that UK start-ups face is acquiring the right talent to help them grow their business and achieve their objectives. 

According to a 2015 report by PwC, 78% of UK tech companies see skills shortage in digital expertise as one of the main barriers to progress. A number that can only have increased in more recent years. 

Sponsoring is one of the most underrated ways in which you can grow your startup, as it allows you to hire talented individuals from around the world for key positions on Worker or Temporary worker visas. 

These sponsored employees can help companies innovate and grow by filling up key positions that require skilled knowledge. 

In fact, some of the most common positions held by sponsored workers in successful start-up companies are CEO, chief technology officer, and vice president of engineering. 

But how exactly can sponsoring skilled workers benefit your startup?

Filling core skill gaps

Many industries, particularly startups, struggle to source and hire high-quality workers with specific skills that are appropriate to their business. 

By opening up your search to an international scale, your business can find a high calibre of workers that are not readily available in the UK.

With such a wide talent pool, businesses can select workers with the right qualifications and skills directly without needing to invest in lengthy training programmes or hiring underqualified individuals to fill the skill gap. 

Sponsoring skilled workers can therefore allow businesses to expand their workforce, both to fulfil existing contracts and to create more opportunities for growth.

Unlocking new powers of innovation

Diversity in the workplace can add immense value to your startup in terms of innovation.

With a workforce comprised of a variety of cultures and backgrounds, it is much easier to come up with new ideas and problem-solving methodologies. 

According to a BCG report, companies with more diverse leadership teams report higher innovation revenue (45% of total revenue versus 26% for less diverse teams).

By sponsoring skilled workers, there is a much higher likelihood of creating new business opportunities—as a result of the diverse perspectives developing new approaches to business—and the creation of new products, processes or services.

Create opportunities for knowledge sharing

For startups, having a business culture that involves learning from one another is incredibly important. Improving knowledge bases is a core value driver, particularly in the early growth stages. 

Through the knowledge sharing of employees, many businesses will be able to see an expansion of their overall specialisation, which lends itself to the facilitation of other activities such as training, innovation, and even the formation of global connections. 

This, in turn, creates opportunities for seamless collaboration and communication between departments.

Foster enrichment through diversity

The advantages of having a diverse workforce are not something that should be overlooked. 

Encouraging diversity in your workforce can help to create a much more enriching workplace. Not only do they offer a culturally unique perspective to your work, but they can create more inclusivity, encourage creativity, and improve employee engagement. 

These factors are able to foster a happier, more uplifting workplace with higher morale amongst team members. 

With higher retention rates and a more fulfilled workforce, it is a lot easier for your business to thrive and grow to the heights you plan for.

Boost the public perception of your brand

While this may not have been an issue 20 years ago, today, many people value diversity in business. 

Having a diverse workforce gives your company image a boost not only to prospective customers but also when it comes to retaining your skilled workers who will think of your company as a great, supportive environment to grow.

Foster growth for your startup by tapping into the international talent pool

Sponsoring skilled talent is a sure-fire method of ensuring that your business has the diversity it needs to succeed and get a leg up on the competition. 

At Nation.better, our team of immigration experts can help you navigate through the sponsorship process and compliance responsibilities of hiring from the global talent pool.

With our end-to-end sponsorship management solution, what once was a complicated and tedious process, is now streamlined and stress-free. 

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