Overcome skills shortages in the hospitality industry with Work Visas – Webinar recording LP

Overcome skills shortages in the hospitality industry with Work Visas

Watch our free webinar to learn how you can overcome labour shortages in the hospitality industry by becoming a sponsor and hiring international talent through Work Visas.

In early 2022, there were over 1.69 million vacancies in the hospitality sector. This is despite unemployment dropping to the lowest levels in over 5 decades.

This means that it’s not going to be easy to find quality home-grown hospitality workers for your hospitality business. But there’s a way to overcome this challenge.

In our latest webinar in partnership with COREcruitment titled Overcoming skills shortages in hospitality via Work Visas to remain competitive, Nation.better’s Larisa Budaeva and Ernest Olaseinde and COREcruitment’s Stuart Campbell will take you through:

How can Nation.better help you?

Here at Nation.better, we understand that finding and hiring the right international talent can be stressful and challenging, especially in an industry as competitive as hospitality.

That’s why our team of experts are committed to supporting you throughout the process—from helping you obtain your sponsor licence to fulfilling your sponsorship duties.

When you work with Nation.better, you can get:

Expert-led sponsor licence guidance

Our experts provide step-by-step guidance to help you become a licensed sponsor.

Skilled Worker Visa application support

We help you provide guidance and support to your candidates with visa applications.

Sponsorship compliance support

Our sponsorship compliance platform helps you stay Home Office-compliant.

Access to a large pool of international talent

We help you find the right talent through our partnership with COREcruitment.

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