Overcoming Skills Shortages in Hospitality – Webinar LP

Worried about the rising skills shortages in the hospitality industry?

Tune in to our webinar on 15th September 2022 at 2pm to find out how you can overcome these skills shortages in the UK.

Earlier this year, the number of vacancy advertisements in the UK hit a record high for 2022 with 1.69 million active vacancies being posted.

With labour shortages on the rise, the hospitality sector has quickly become one of the most hard-hit industries in the country.

One of the ways that businesses are trying to mitigate these shortages is by leveraging the international labour market and offering work visas in the UK.

Our webinar titled Overcoming skills shortages in hospitality via Work Visas to remain competitive—a joint webinar conducted with COREcruitment—discusses:

Date: 15th of September 2022

Time: 2.00 PM GMT

Do you know how to recruit international talent for your hospitality business?

Sponsoring international workers in the UK has become a popular and helpful method for businesses in the hospitality sector to meet the ongoing labour shortages in the country.

But, since employee sponsorship is a privilege and significant responsibility, the Home Office has established certain criteria that must be met to obtain a sponsor licence.

Our webinar will provide you with insights that will help you establish whether you’re meeting these eligibility requirements and how to obtain a sponsor licence.

Our webinar partner COREcruitment is an international recruitment agency which specialises in helping hospitality businesses hire the best talent from around the world. With their experience in the industry, they will share insights about the challenges hospitality businesses face when hiring international workers and how they can overcome these challenges.

How Nation.better helps you hire the best international talent for your hospitality business

The international labour market presents endless opportunities for both job seekers and employers in the hospitality sector. At times, the process of hiring international talent can be stressful and complex—this is why selecting the right partner to help you in your sponsorship journey is important.

Our experienced immigration consultants are ready to offer you:

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