Streamline your business’
Skilled Worker visa sponsorship process

Extend and apply for Skilled Worker visas for a fixed fee of £650+VAT—with Nation.better.

Extend and apply for Skilled Worker visas for a fixed fee of £650+VAT—with Nation.better.

If you are a candidate looking for a job, apply here.

In a business world that’s driven by historic levels of innovation, competition and regulation, managing the skill shortages in the UK is a massive burden for businesses in key industries. Today, in a bid to fill core talent gaps and enjoy the benefits of greater diversity, many organisations are obtaining their Skilled Worker sponsor licence to explore the recruitment options of the international labour market. In spite of its many advantages, however, this process is far from straightforward. As a sponsor, there are many duties and responsibilities you need to stay on top of and criteria you need to meet to obtain your Skilled Worker sponsor licence. At Nation.better, we understand how time-consuming and stressful this process can be. That’s why we support you on this journey with our experience and the knowledge of our legal advisers and immigration experts. Start now for a fixed fee and explore an easy-to-follow path that will help you manage your Skilled Worker visa sponsorship process and recruit international talent under the ‘Workers’ or ‘Temporary Workers’ licences.

Why do you need Skilled Worker visa sponsorship support?

The Skilled Worker visa application process is challenging

While sponsoring skilled workers is an incredibly rewarding process, your selected candidates may struggle to get visa clearance due to the complexities in the Skilled Worker visa application process.

Expert support can help you simplify the process

At Nation.better, we understand how time-consuming and stressful these processes can be for you and your employees. That’s why we support you with the experience and knowledge of our legal advisers to streamline the process.

Enjoy hands-on, experienced guidance today

You can start now for a fixed fee of £650+VAT (not including the Home Office fee) and explore a guided path that will help you support your employees with their Skilled Worker visa application process and get visa clearance.

What does our Skilled Worker visa sponsorship support include?

For a fixed fee of £650+VAT—not including Home Office fees—we provide you with:

A report of the Home Office fees you need to pay

After you have identified the most suitable candidates to sponsor, we give you a detailed report covering all the fees you have to pay to complete the sponsorship process.

Guidance to support your employees

With our expert guidance, we empower you to support your selected candidates through the entire visa application process and heighten the chances of receiving your visa clearance in a short time frame.

A timeline for onboarding your employees

Finally, our immigration experts give you a probable timeline in which you can welcome your employees into the UK and start the onboarding process.

Find out if you qualify for
a sponsor licence

Before purchasing our services, we walk you through all the necessary steps — completely free of charge — to find out if you're eligible for a sponsor licence.

Follow our step-by-step guide
to build your case

Our step-by-step guide will lead you through the whole process. We give you the data you need to build your case accurately and with complete ease.

Our experts review
your case

We ensure your case is completed properly and we prepare a professional cover letter to boost your chances of approval.

Submit your application
to the Home Office

At this stage, your application
is fully prepared and ready
to be submitted to the authorities.

You're a sponsor!

You're now licenced to sponsor
the best talent the world has to offer
and help them work in the UK!

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What do we do?

At Nation.better, we’re on a mission to make the Skilled Worker visa application process much more straightforward for sponsors and employees in the UK. 

In addition to our expert-led visa application support, we also help companies secure their sponsorship licence, improve compliance, save time, and increase transparency and efficiency throughout the sponsorship process.

What our partners say

Great team, great service and really simple process at a fraction of the standard expensive fees. Nation.better actually educates founders on what it means to be a sponsor. Definitely recommend these guys.
Stephan Eyeson
Co-founder, Survey54
Clear and easy process to go through. Nation.better team made sure that we have a super smooth experience and it gets the job done! 100% recommended.
Mo Khodadadi
Founder, Satis.AI
Easy. Having been through this before with other immigration service providers that over complicate the process and charge high fees, Nation.better through innovative ways made the usual painful and stressful experience full of confidence and care. Highly recommended.
Dasha Selyanova
Managing Director, ZDDZ
As a small company, hiring talent from outside the UK can feel very daunting. Nation.better has designed an efficient system to support employers through complex regulations and paperwork. As an employer, I have transparency over the full process. The team has been highly supportive and responsive as well! It’s been a joy working with them.
Bonnie Chiu
Managing Director, TSIC


This will depend on several factors including:


  • The type of Certificate of Sponsorship you’re assigning to your candidate
  • Applicable immigration skills charges
  • Miscellaneous consultancy fees

Once you’ve supported your employees to apply online and presented the required documents, you can expect a reply from the Home Office within 3 weeks.

In addition to our Skilled Worker visa application support, we also provide you with sponsor licence services and an end-to-end compliance automation platform that will help you stay in line with Home Office rules.

Make skilled worker sponsorship the cornerstone of your success—reduce your stress and uncertainty with Nation.better!

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